Our Story

I've been a knife collector and an occasional knife maker for nearly 60 years. My first knife was ground on a huge grind stone that you would set on a steel implement seat and peddle the grind stone. A tin can was hung on a hook with a hole in it to drip water on the stone to keep the steel cool. I used a file for the blade and a piece of wood for the handle. It was crude, I mean really crude. I never tempered it and the grind marks were deep. Of course I lost it. I made many attempts, but never really was a success.

I did learn how to work leather during my high school years. Tooling, lacing and a few little tricks, like passing a propane torch over the leather to toughen the leather.

I made knife sheaths and wrist bands. I mounted spikes, Conchos and pins to them to give them some bling.

When Buck came out with the 110 in 1965 my friend made a crude quick draw sheath. I have no idea where he came up with the concept, but it worked very well. We refined it and made them for our friends. I found one in my “stuff” from years ago and started making them again about 2 years ago.

We were had a problem with our partners in our restaurant and my wife was over qualified for any position and we needed something to live on. We gathered up some old knives and bought some new ones and went to a gun show. We found a guy who had some Damascus knives and we started selling them. People didn’t know a lot about Damascus knives so we started educating them. Soon we were selling a fair amount of Damascus